one week on

This is the feeling I’m embodying one week on from the Christchurch terror attack. This image by Kirk Hargreaves. I don’t want to put Jacinda on a pedestal. I don’t want to add unnecessary pressure to the spotlight on her or pain to those who are hurting by talking about her.  I saw the image of her vulnerability when the Cashmere High School girl asked how she was doing. Her leadership, honesty, integrity and compassion are what we all need to embody.  Today I am honouring the victims of the attack, the people of Christchurch, all Muslims who live with fear, all people suffering due to this horrific attack on humanity. And to Kirk… This image has stayed with me, has haunted me, has comforted me. I’m not a religious person, but this image speaks of Mary to me, speaks to religious iconography. Thank you Kirk for making this photograph. 

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