Thinking a lot about social media and how I can feel my stomach clench as soon as I start to scroll… but on the flip side being so appreciative of what it gives me as I sit in my jarmies researching my next project, and how it’s opened up my world in so many wonderful ways. 

It’s how I found Rachel Kurzyp who’s helping me with my business.

And it’s how I found the DFA awards which I probably won’t enter this time but it’s such a treasure trove of great work, which led me to find Rowena Meadows and her stunning work. Which led me to discover the podcast So you want to be a photographer  co-hosted by Gina Milicia and Valerie Khoo. How did I not even know that there was a podcast about photography created by women in my own back yard… Don’t get me wrong. I love A Small Voice podcast by Ben Smith, I find it so inspiring to listen to while I’m driving around between jobs or hanging out the washing but I feel like I’ve struck gold finding this Australian one today. 

I honestly can barely look at Instagram these days, I came across this quote yesterday..

“Comparison is the thief of joy” - Theodore Roosevelt

… now ‘aint that the truth!

Anyway, I’m meant to be doing my tax which is obviously why I’m musing about these things and doing a blog post instead. 

But two more things… Sending a massive shout out to Alana Holmberg for winning the NPP with a portrait of her pregnant sister. Check it out. Intimate, quiet, quite simple, so beautiful. 

And if you’re in Geelong go check out the inaugural exhibition of the Focal Point Darkroom and Gallery ‘Masters of Australian Photojournalism’ where I have the thrill of having work hung amongst legends and next to my dear friend Angela Wylie.  It’s a great thing that Craig Watson has started up and the Walkley’s Exhibition will be there later this year showcasing contemporary Australian photojournalism. 

Thanks Peter Casamento for the pic of Ange and I.


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